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Returning to the College

As we return to the college, Matthew and I mark our 3rd year in Italy. As I reflect back on my time here so far, it has been two years of many blessings, despite being so far from home. I’ve had the opportunity to see many places with long histories and which are significant to our faith. We’ve prayed with some of the greatest saints where they prayed, in their hometowns, or with their relics. I’ve learned, taken classes, and become able to communicate well in a foreign language, and studied others (Latin & Greek), plus picking up a few words of Polish, Dutch, German, French, Portugese and Spanish. Not to mention adapting to a whole new culture so that now we can get around quite easily!


We’ve witnessed the universal church – every day when we go to class, and cultivated a closeness with the Holy Father, including many blessed encounters.  We’ve experienced firsthand many important moments in the life of the Church – perhaps most notably the Beatification of Bl. Pope John Paul II, and the beatifications and canonizations of other new saints, and the closing of the year for priests.


This summer we were able to return to our beloved United States and spend time serving the people of the Diocese of Greensburg, where we will, God willing, spend the rest of our lives serving those same people. What a great experience and joy it was!


As we celebrate these last two years, and begin our third, there is a lot to think about, reflect upon, and give thanks for. For all of these rich blessings, we give thanks. They spur us on as we begin our year of III Theology. Praised be Jesus Christ!


We’re glad to have you with us (our blog readers) as we celebrate move into III Theology and towards ordination.


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