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Bishop Brandt implements Mass in extraordinary form in Latrobe 


By Jerry Zufelt

GREENSBURG — Bishop Lawrence E. Brandt announced that he is implementing the celebration of the Mass in the extraordinary form in the Diocese of Greensburg and has appointed Father Daniel C. Mahoney, V.F., pastor of Holy Family Parish, Latrobe, and Dean of Deanery 4, as the bishop’s representative for the celebration of the Mass in the extraordinary form.

This Mass will be celebrated at Holy Family Parish every Sunday as one of the parish’s regularly scheduled Masses.

The date of the first Mass in the extraordinary form and the regular starting time of the Mass are expected to be announced next month. This is the Roman Liturgy of 1962 which was promulgated by Pope John XXIII.

Bishop Brandt made the announcement Dec. 20 and said that the date of the first Mass in the extraordinary form will be set after Father Mahoney has completed the many preparations needed to celebrate the Mass in Latin, including recruiting and training Mass servers; organizing and training a choir; and securing other items such as a 1962 Roman Missal and altar cards, as well as other appointments necessary for this celebration.

Bishop Brandt’s announcement corresponds to a Vatican directive that instructed every Catholic diocese in the world to make the Mass in the extraordinary form available to the faithful.

Holy Family Parish was selected as the church in which the Mass will be celebrated, "because its traditional design is well-suited for the Mass in the extraordinary form," said Father Larry J. Kulick, vicar general of the diocese.

Father Mahoney, who has been pastor of Holy Family Parish since 2007, studied Latin for eight years and said he feels comfortable with that language skill.

It’s the other details — servers, music, vestments and worship aids, such as missals — that have to be acquired or instituted, he said.

For example, he would like to have a choir in place before the first Mass in order to enhance the liturgy, which means recruiting singers, acquiring the music and setting practice times.

Father Mahoney earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy at Resurrection College Seminary in Kitchner, Ontario, Canada, and a master of divinity degree at Saint Vincent Seminary. He was ordained a priest of the Diocese of Greensburg May 9, 1970, and has served as a pastor since 1981. He also has a master of arts degree in professional growth from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

In a 2007 apostolic letter, "Summorum Pontificum," Pope Benedict XVI said that while the new Roman Missal promulgated by Pope Paul VI in 1970 remains the ordinary form of Catholic worship, the 1962 missal should be considered "the extraordinary expression of the same law of prayer."

"They are, in fact, two usages of the one Roman rite," Pope Benedict said.

"There is no contradiction between the two editions of the Roman Missal," the pope said. "In the history of the liturgy, growth and progress are found, but not a rupture."

In a set of specific norms promulgated by the Pontifical Commission "Ecclesia Dei," which is charged with supervising the application of the Mass in the extraordinary form, it is specified that the bishop, as chief liturgist in his diocese, has the task of undertaking the necessary measures to implement the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite according to the pope’s directive.

Diocesan policies established in 2008 to handle all requests for changes in Mass times and locations are being followed in the scheduling of this additional Mass for Holy Family Parish.

Includes information from Catholic News Service.

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