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 Your True Voice

​Join Jeanne Cotter for a power-packed workshop for singers, cantors and choir members called Your True Voice. The morning will include a Vocal/Cantor General Session where novice to professional level singers will explore the fundamentals of good vocal technique, regardless of the style of music being sung. In a very nurturing environment, participants will learn effective vocal warmups and strategies for maintaining a healthy voice. Also, best practices for cantoring will be demonstrated including fundamentals of effective gesture.

The second half of the morning, Jeanne will present a Vocal/Cantor Masterclass, offering individuals targeted help with vocal technique, cantor technique and vocal production that fits varying styles of music. Though individuals sing solo in a masterclass setting, Jeanne will include all attendees in the presentation, translating how the techniques covered with each individual singer can be used by all of the participants as well as those singers/choir members they work with in their home parishes.

Jeanne Cotter is a commanding female presence in the American catholic church. She is a liturgical composer, author, performer, parish mission director, master teacher, inspirational speaker and retreat leader. For over two decades she has inspired and taught audiences throughout the United States and abroad. Jeanne holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in music (piano and vocal performance) and theology from the University of St Thomas, St Paul, MN, she’s completed advanced studies in song writing and music business from the Grove School of Music in Los Angeles, and holds a Masters of Arts degree in Psychology and Spirituality from Lesley University, Cambridge, MA. She is currently Artist in Residence at St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Naperville, IL. Drawing on her Irish heritage, Jeanne understands the power of storytelling to connect diverse audiences to our shared human story. Her own experience of growing up in a large, multi-racial, multi-national farm family from Southern Minnesota informs the values from which she writes and speaks, deeply rooted in the gospel teachings of Jesus. Jeanne has numerous recordings, music collections and books published by GIA Publications, Inc as well as Mythic Rain, LLC.

“Jeanne Cotter is one of Catholic music’s most gifted liturgical musicians. Her beautiful voice and solo piano music have graced many a seminar and retreat!”
- Catholic Faith & Family Magazine



Master Class and Workshop for Pastoral Musicians
January 20, 2018
9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
St. Agnes Parish, North Huntingdon
Cost is $15.00

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