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 Special Collections

​The diocesan special collections schedule for 2017, 2018 and 2019 is listed below. All dates are Sundays, but the collections should also be taken up at the Saturday evening vigil Mass. 
Eastern European CollectionFebruary 5February 4​February 3​

​Home Missions of the Americas Collection

​March 5February 18​​March 10
​Communications and Media Collection​May 21​May 20​May 19
​Peter's Pence & Support for the Holy See Collection​June 25​June 24June 30
​The Catholic University and Catholic Schools in the Diocese Collection​August 27August 26​​August 25
​Seminarian and Clergy Formation Collection​September 24​September 30​September 29
​Mission Sunday Collection​October 22​October 21​October 20
​Annual Appeal for Retired Religious and Diocesan Retired Priests Collection​November 5​November 4​November 3
​Diocesan Poverty Relief Fund and Catholic Relief Services Appeal​November 19​November 18November 24​
​Children and Family Services Appeal Collection​December 25December 25​December 25


 Special Notes

  • The Mission Office will inform you of the Mission Cooperative.
  • The Seminarian and Clergy Formation Collection envelopes are supplied by The Catholic Foundation.
  • The Holy Land Collection is optional, and is traditionally taken up on Good Friday.
  • For The Catholic Accent each parish can determine the dates with the envelope company.
  • All dates listed are for Sundays, but collections are also to be taken up at the Saturday Vigil.