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Link URL All Coaches in the DioceseJoin us November 11 for our Play Like a Champion Today Coaches Clinic
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Seminarian and Clergy Formation CollectionThe Hands that Connect Me to Our Faith
YesSupport and pray for those who are being called by God into the Priesthood, Diaconate or Religious LifeNo
Evangelization and Prayer Training for Grades K-2Join John Collins of William H. Sadlier Inc. this December as he answers questions about the faith life of our children in these formative years.
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Diocesan Pilgrimage to ItalyPray for the faithful as they pilgrimage to holy sites throughout Italy this October.
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Training and CertificationThe first initiative of the Catechetical Master Plan called for the establishment of a Training and Catechetical Certification Process for those who hold catechetical roles in our parishes, Catholic schools and other settings where catechesis takes place.
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Bishop Malesic Pastoral Letter on Opioid CrisisAddressing the opioid epidemic in our four counties, Bishop Malesic released a pastoral letter that outlines the Catholic Church’s local response to the crisis.
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Youth, Faith, and Vocational DiscernmentThe 2018 Synod will be focused on young adults in the Catholic Church.
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Petals of Love - The Rosary in Art and FaithThe latest exhibit at the Diocesan Heritage Center is now open. The exhibition displays rosary inspired art and history in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Fatima apparitions.
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