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 Seminarian and Clergy Formation Collection


​September 24 & 25
Every year, the Diocese of Greensburg asks the faithful of the diocese to participate in the Seminarian and Clergy Formation Collection. This years collection will take place the weekend of September 24 and 25 diocesan-wide. Gifts to the collection are directed to the Office for Clergy Vocations for recruitment and formation of seminarians, the Office for the Permanent Diaconate for the formation and ongoing education of deacons, the Office for Clergy Formation for the ongoing education of priests, and the International Priests Program for the immigration processing and acculturation program for Filipino priests. 

Sources of funding for these ministries and programs include endowments, the Diocesan Lenten Appeal and the Seminarian and Clergy Formation Collection. If your means allow, please join Bishop Edward Malesic in supporting the Seminarian and Clergy Formation Collection by returning the commitment card attached to the letter you received by mail, using an envelope at your parish or by donating ​online​.

Another important component of the annual Seminarian and Clergy Formation Collection is the Called By Nam​e Appeal​​. This appeal allows the faithful of the diocese to take an active role in the vocation recruitment process. Through this appeal, the faithful are given an opportunity to identify suitable candidates for ordained ministry and forward these names to the Office for Clergy Vocations. 

Answering the call to the priesthood is a process which takes up to eight years and
involves discernment, education, formation and much prayer. Currently we are blessed to have four seminarians at various stages in preparing for the priesthood. The Diocese of Greensburg bears the responsibility for guiding this process as well as providing the financial resources, ultimately for ministry in the parish. 

Diaconate Formation
The ministry of the diaconate is growing here in the diocese. Ordained deacons carry out ministry in diverse ways. The liturgical function of the deacon includes proclaiming the gospel, preaching and assisting at the altar. Deacons are also actively involved in the sacramental life of the church; baptizing and officiating the sacrament of marriage, educational ministries, and care for the poor and pastoral care. 

International Priests
Missionaries in a foreign land. We are blessed to have 12 priests from the Philippines ministering to the people of the diocese. The culture is different and certainly the weather; but ministry to the people of God is the same: sharing the love of Christ. 

Retired Priests
A lifetime of service. It is hard to calculate all the loving ministry that has been shared over the course of one's priesthood; certainly many joyous moments, as well as journeying with parishioners through loss and grief. We currently have more than 30 priests in retirement, many who continue their ministry to the people of God in the diocese.

Ongoing Formation of Clergy
Lifelong learning is important to all of us, including priests and deacons.​ New insights, and deeper understanding are to be gained by the pursuit of ongoing formation in the human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral dimensions.​​​​​​​​​​​

 Friends of Seminarians


This year the Diocese of Greensburg has established the Friends of Seminarians as a component of the annual Seminarian and Clergy Formation Collection. The journey of a seminarian towards priesthood is long and on occasions can be difficult. As a Friend of Seminarians I would like to ask you to pray that they are strengthened and encouraged on this journey. Please also pray for those who are considering a calling from the Lord, that they will find the affirmation and support they need to say "yes" to God's call. Finally, through the Friend of Seminarians effort we are asking for your "leadership" financial support with a gift of $1,000 or more to assist with the education costs of our seminarians. The costs for tuition, room and board, and incidentals is approximately $50,000 per year.

As a way to thank you for your support, you will receive updates from me and our seminarians about aspects of their journey, and invitations to special events including upcoming ordinations.

When you become a Friend of Seminarians you become part of their journey to the priesthood and ministry for the rest of their lives; what you do today will have an impact on countless lives for years to come.

Thank you for all your prayers and please know any gift will be greatly appreciated. 

Father Tyler Bandura,

Associate Director of the Office for Clergy Vocations