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 Habitat for Humanity Build Days

habitat-for-humanity-info.jpgJoin with us as we help Central Westmoreland Habitat for Humanity work on new houses in Greensburg!

To register, please use the links below for the date(s) you can commit to.  To maintain a safe and productive work environment we are only able to accept a limited number of volunteers, so make sure to register today!

Scheduled Build Days:

 Young Adult Ministry

The Diocese of Greensburg is committed to serve the young adults in our diocese. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has defined young adults as "people in their late teens, twenties, and thirties; single, married, divorced, or widowed; and with or without children."

What is young adult ministry? The USCCB document "Sons and Daughters of the Light" defines four goals for young adult ministry. Successful ministry with young adults achieves four basic goals:

  1. Connect young adults to God through Jesus Christ.
  2. Connect young adults to the church and the Christian community.
  3. Connect young adults to the mission of the church in the world.
  4. Connect young adults to a peer community to further support and nurture their faith.

 Young Adult Connection

Caitlin Craig, Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry at Mother of Sorrows Parish in Murrysville, has just announced a new Young Adult Ministry program called Young Adult Connection. This program is for young adults ages 18-20, those who have just graduated high school, might still be living at home, and are looking for community.

The first meeting of Young Adult Connection will be held at Spinola's Bake Shop and Coffee Room in Murrysville on Oct. 17, from 7-9 p.m.

The goal of this first meeting is to help the recently graduated youth that are floating and looking for something to take the place of Sunday Night Youth Ministry. This program was initiated as an intermediate stepping stone between high school youth ministry and the Theology on Tap sessions that cater to a wide age range. Activities at the first meeting will include opportunities for prayer, introductions, faith share about Sunday's gospel, and a chat about how to keep the gospel message alive throughout the week.

In addition to participating in this program, youth ministry graduates are still encouraged to participate in their parishes. The Young Adult Connection program is meant to give young adults an outlet to share, and know that others are having similar experiences in important transitional times in their lives.


Below are a listing of upcoming Young Adult Ministry events across the Diocese of Greensburg. If you have any additional questions about these events, please contact Christie Smith, diocesan director of youth and young adult ministry, at 724-837-0901.

Second Friday's5/12/2017St. Paul ParishSt. Paul
Second Friday's6/9/2017St. Paul ParishSt. Paul
Second Friday's7/14/2017St. Paul ParishSt. Paul
Second Friday's8/11/2017St. Paul ParishSt. Paul