Roman Catholic Diocese of Greensburg

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 Deaneries & Regions

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 Diocesan Deans

Deanery 1Father Kenneth G. ZaccagniniSt. Margaret Mary, Lower BurrellContact
Deanery 2Father Alan N. PolczynskiChrist, Prince of Peace, Ford City, and Saint Lawrence, CadoganContact
Deanery 3Msgr. James T. GastonMother of Sorrows, MurrysvilleContact
Deanery 4Father Paul A. LisikImmaculate Conception, Saint John the Evangelist and Saint Rita, Connellsville, and St. Aloysius, DunbarContact
Deanery 5Father Michael J. CrookstonSaint Sebastian, Belle VernonContact

 Regional Moderators

Region IMsgr. Michael J. BegollyMs. Shirley Makuta
Region IIBenedictine Father James LoewMr. Michael Ocilka
Region IIIFather John A. MoineauMr. John DePaulo
Region IVFather Douglas E. DorulaMs. Virginia Harmon
Region IXFather Richard J. KosiskoMr. Christopher Sparks
Region VFather Alan N. PolczynskiMs. Linda Benko
Region VIFather Anthony J. CarboneMs. Elizabeth Sargent
Region VIIFather Daniel L. BloutMr. Gregory DeFloria
Region VIIIFather Vincent J. GigliottiMr. Clifford Gorski
Region XFather James D. TringheseMs. Joyce Hughes