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The WELL 2023

Thank you to all who attended, supported, and were involved with 
THE WELL "Be Not Afraid"!


The Men’s Ministry Team of the Diocese of Greensburg thanks the generous sponsors supporting the 2023 Diocesan Men’s Conference
THE WELL “Be Not Afraid.”



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8:00 AM    

9:00 AM    
Monsignor Raymond E. Riffle
Vicar General
Diocese of Greensburg
​9:15 AM 
Deacon Ralph Poyo
Founder of New Evangelization Ministries
Georgetown, TX
​10:00 AM  
​11:00 AM  
SESSION A (Choose One)

  • Father Joe Freedy
    Be Transformed (Romans 12:2)

  • Father Andrew Corriente
    How the ‘Our Father’ Calms our fears
​12:00 PM

SESSION B (Lunch or Choose One)

  • Greg Wasinski
    Balancing Mountaintop Moments with Valley Living

  • Vincent J. Reilly
    The Annunciation to Joseph: Overcoming Fear to Answer God's Call

  • Father John Moineau
    Five Steps of Accepting the Cross in Comparison with Five Steps of Grief
​1:00 PM 
SESSION C (Lunch or Choose One)

  • Deacon Bill Hisker
    Coping and Healing from the grief that comes from loss

  • Father Justin Matro
    Mary’s Fiat

  • Jason King, PhD
    Be not afraid of aliens, wizards and superheroes
​2:00 PM 
SESSION D (Choose One)

  • Mike Aquilina
    Walking with Angels

  • Vincent J. Reilly
    Fear of the Lord: Building a Culture of Eucharistic Reverence

  • Michael Krom, PhD
    Making Melody to the Lord in your Heart: Music that Casts Out Fear

  • Greg Wasinski
    Balancing Mountaintop Moments with Valley Living
​3:00 PM
​4:00 PM

Keynote Speaker

Deacon Ralph Poyo
Founder of New Evangelization Ministries, Georgetown, TX
Deacon Ralph Poyo

With his engaging and enthusiastic style of preaching, the Lord continues to use him to reach people even beyond the parish setting, as he challenges listeners of all ages to get outside of their comfort zones in their day-to-day practice of the faith. He is passionate about helping others to make Catholicism more a way of life than just a religious identity. Having committed his life to the pursuit of Truth and to the service of the Church, he is faithful to her teaching Magisterium and always seeks to be in union with Rome.

Learn more about Deacon Poyo here: 🗗

Breakout Session Speakers
Mike Aquilina
Mike Aquilina

Author and Editor

Mike is an award-winning author of more than fifty books on Catholic history, doctrine, and devotion. His works have been translated into many languages. He has hosted eleven television series and several documentary films and is a frequent guest on Catholic radio. In 2011 Mike was a featured presenter of the U.S. Bishops’ Leadership Institute. He wrote the USCCB’s theological reflection for Catechetical Sunday in 2011.

TOPIC (Session D) — Walking with Angels
Mike’s talk focuses on the roles the angels play in the lives of the patriarchs, prophets, and apostles — and us! It’s relevant to spiritual warfare, marriage, parenting, everything.
Father Andrew Corriente, OSB
Father Andrew Corriente, OSB

Parochial Vicar – St. Bernard of Clairvaux and St. Thomas More University Parishes, Indiana, PA

Father Andrew is the son of Catholic Filipino immigrants. He did not delve deeper into his faith until college, when he was floundering at New York University, far from his California home and friends. Even then, he had no idea where religion would take him until he went to Nashville for a ceremony in which a college friend took her first vows as a nun and met a friar. Corriente has embraced a love of baking and cooking in general, devouring cookbooks and YouTube videos and in 2020, he appeared on and won the ‘Great American Baking Show’ on ABC.

TOPIC (Session A) — “How the ‘Our Father’ Calms our Fears”
Fr. Andrew will explore the seven petitions within the “Our Father” and how they help calm our natural fears. He will use Scripture, personal insights, and other stories to empower other men to trust in God.
Father Joseph M. Freedy
Father Joseph M. Freedy

Senior Parochial Vicar at Divine Mercy Parish, Diocese of Pittsburgh
Assistant Director of Evangelization
Dry Bones Ministries, President of the Board of Directors

TOPIC (Session A) — Be Transformed (Romans 12:2)
Christ desires our total transformation so that we can be his witnesses in the world.  This happened to the disciples at Pentecost, and it happens to us through our Baptisms, Confirmations, and continued life of prayer in the Church.  We ask the Holy Spirit to undo the lies we've lived under, reveal the truth, and set us on fire with the transforming power of His Love.
Rev. Dr. William J. Hisker, Ph.D.
Rev. Dr. William J. Hisker, Ph.D.

Professor, Business Administration, Saint Vincent College
Director – Permanent Diaconate, Diocese of Greensburg
Deacon – Blessed Sacrament Cathedral

Rev. Dr. Hisker currently serves as a Professor of Management in the McKenna School of Business. He has taught at Saint Vincent College since 1973 in a number of academic areas. In addition to his career as a teacher Dr. Hisker has maintained an active consulting career with a number for Fortune 500 companies as well as an ongoing relationship with local area hospitals and the Veterans Administration. Dr. Hisker earned a Master of Divinity Degree and was ordained as a permanent deacon in the Diocese of Greensburg where he is also Director of the Permanent Diaconate. He has been married for 41 years and has three children and three grandchildren.

TOPIC (Session C) — Coping and Healing From the Grief That Comes From Loss
During the session Deacon Bill Hisker will present information on the nature of loss and how the resulting grief affect us as human beings. Drawing on the psychological and theological literature on grief, Deacon Bill Hisker will discuss how our personal spiritual and theological world view affects the way we see the loss of something or someone that is dear to us, and how we can successfully negotiate the shoals that grief brings to our lives.
Jason King, Ph.D.
Jason King, Ph.D.

Professor of Theology, Saint Vincent College

Dr. King is also editor of the Journal of Moral Theology and writes for the blog Catholic Moral Theology. His Faith with Benefits: Hookup Culture on Catholic Campuses (Oxford, 2017) investigates the effects of Catholic identity on hookup culture. His research interests include moral theology, family ethics, Catholic higher education, and the formation of character.

TOPIC (Session C) — “Be not afraid of aliens, wizards, and superheroes.”
The session discusses images of Jesus and theological themes of science fiction stories, both in books and on screens.  It argues that we need not be afraid of (and so can engage in) popular culture.
Michael Krom, Ph.D.
Michael Krom, Ph.D.

Professor of Philosophy, Saint Vincent College

Dr. Krom received his Doctorate in philosophy at Emory University in 2007 and is currently the chair of the philosophy department at Saint Vincent. He has authored a book on religion and politics and continues to publish works in Catholic moral and political thought. Dr. Krom also directs the Faith and Reason summer program every summer.

TOPIC (Session D) — “Making Melody to the Lord in Your Heart:  Music that Casts Out Fear”
It is all too common today to find that the music on the pop charts, in movies, and at sporting events promote ways of living that are incompatible with God’s calling to the Gospel of Life. Instead of the “joyful noise to the Lord” (Ps 100:1) inspired by love, we hear the sounds borne of lust, anger, and despair. In this talk we will discuss how to discern the difference between the false music that lures us into the Gospel of Death from the music that casts out fear.
Father Justin Matro, O.S.B.
Father Justin Matro, O.S.B.

Assistant Professor of Spiritual Theology, Saint Vincent College
Pastor – St. Bartholomew Parish, Crabtree

Fr. Justin is currently the pastor of Saint Bartholomew Parish in Crabtree, PA. He has been on the faculty of Saint Vincent Seminary since 1993 and worked in formation from 1993 until 2012. He completed his doctoral studies in Spiritual Theology at the Gregorian Pontifical University in Rome.

TOPIC (Session C) — “Mary's Fiat”
A reflection on Mary's Fiat as the model for discipleship.  Since the event is on the Annunciation, I think this would be an appropriate theme.

Father John A. Moineau
Father John A. Moineau

Pastor – Immaculate Conception Parish, Irwin
Administrator – St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, North Huntingdon

A priest in the Diocese of Greensburg for more than 35 years, Father Moineau was in for the battle of his life when he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in the summer of 2021. After numerous treatments and the uplifting of prayers in July, 2022, he was told he is cancer free. Father Moineau says it was truly a miracle.

TOPIC (Session B) — "5 Steps of Accepting the Cross in Comparison With the 5 Steps of Grief.”

Vincent J. Reilly
Vincent J. Reilly

Managing Director of Faith, Family and Discipleship for the Diocese of Greensburg

TOPIC (Session B) — "The Annunciation to Joseph: Overcoming Fear to Answer God’s Call”
In the Gospels, an angel appears to Mary, but also to St. Joseph, urging him to “do not be afraid.” We, too, are called to not be afraid and allow the Holy Spirit into our families and our homes. This session will challenge participants to simple everyday ways to help overcome the fear that can come when following God’s call more fully.

TOPIC (Session D) — "Fear of the Lord: Building a Culture of Eucharistic Reverence"
The Eucharistic Revival calls for a deeper appreciation of the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist for both parishes and individuals, which can be achieved through a spirit of reverence. This session will explore how we can develop a culture of true reverence for the Eucharist that shapes our lives and the communities we live.

Greg Wasinski
Greg Wasinski

Executive Director of "Let Me Be..." Ministries
Creator and Producer of the Faith and Real Life Initiative

Greg is an internationally recognized, Catholic Christian Inspirational Speaker and Author from Cleveland, OH. He also offers his radio talents as a daily contributor to SiriusXM Radio’s The Catholic Channel with his “Faith & Real Life Moments.” His ability to make faith attainable to all those in attendance is second to none. Greg’s message of faith and real life is delivered in such a genuine and direct style it makes people desire a deeper relationship with God.

Find out more about Greg Wasinski and Faith & Real Life - Let Me Be Ministries at

TOPIC (Sessions B & D) — "Balancing Mountain Top Moments with Valley Living"
Have you ever experienced time with God you wish would never end? Chances are despite the hope, life happens and reality grabs for our attention. Truth is, most of your life is “lived in the valley” - battling day to day struggles and possibly even anxiety, depression, or other stress related angst. The Lord gives us “mountain top” moments to remain focused on Him and always looking up. Join Speaker and Author, Greg Wasinski, to discuss ways to address and grow during trials using scripture, prayer and the inspiration of modern day examples of faithfulness.