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 Deepening faith in Jesus and sharing Him with others

The monthly e-newsletter, delivered by the Diocesan Office for Evangelization and Faith Formation, includes updates on meetings, available trainings and certifications, and special diocesan events.  Browse the archive below to read through past newsletters.

If you have any questions about this monthly newsletter, please 724-837-0901.

OEFF Newsletter May 2018.pdf
5/16/2018 8:59 AMEvans, Brian5/1/2018
OEFF Newsletter April 2018.pdf
4/23/2018 12:10 PMEvans, Brian4/1/2018
OEFF Newsletter March 2018.pdf
4/2/2018 1:18 PMEvans, Brian3/1/2018
OEFF Newsletter January 2018.pdf
1/17/2018 10:58 AMEvans, Brian1/1/2018
OEFF Newsletter December 2017.pdf
12/13/2017 11:44 AMEvans, Brian12/1/2017
OEFF Newsletter November 2017.pdf
12/13/2017 11:40 AMEvans, Brian11/1/2017
OEFF Newsletter October 2017.pdf
10/6/2017 9:32 AMEvans, Brian10/5/2017
OEFF Newsletter August 2017.pdf
9/5/2017 9:09 AMEvans, Brian8/1/2017
OEFF Newsletter June 2017.pdf
9/5/2017 9:09 AMEvans, Brian6/1/2017
OEFF Newsletter May 2017.pdf
9/5/2017 9:10 AMEvans, Brian5/1/2017
OEFF Newsletter April 2017.pdf
9/5/2017 9:10 AMEvans, Brian4/1/2017
OEFF Newsletter March 2017.pdf
9/5/2017 9:10 AMEvans, Brian3/1/2017
OEFF Newsletter February 2017.pdf
9/5/2017 9:10 AMEvans, Brian2/1/2017
OEFF Newsletter January 2017.pdf
9/5/2017 9:11 AMEvans, Brian1/1/2017