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 Our Vision for Catechesis

​Catechesis_GoodSheph.jpgAs pilgrim people, who are the church of Greensburg, in communion with the Catholic Church throughout the world, â€‹we respond to our baptismal call by dedicating ourselves to live as Christ while sharing Christ's way of life with all those we meet. Each time we echo God's word; pass on the practice of our faith; develop the knowledge and insight of faith; and walk with others toward deeper relationships with God; our church community, and the world, we are faithful to our grounding in Scripture and our Catholic tradition.

Catechesis is essential to our diocesan, parish and domestic life, offering a warm invitation to those beginning to inquire about our faith, forming us as we are raised in the faith, and enriching us as we continue our growth in faith throughout our lifetime. Catechesis is most effective when rooted in the life of the family, the domestic church. Through healthy and faith-filled interaction within the domestic church, and through regular active participation in the life of the parish church each person is nourished by word and sacrament, transformed by the power of the Sunday Eucharist, and challenged to go forth in love and service of others. 
Catechesis fosters in our minds and hearts the experience of God's reign in our midst as we form communities of faith, proclaim God's word, celebrate the sacraments, and build a just and compassionate society, in which all people share God's gifts.

 Six Tasks of Catechesis

We accomplish our vision through the six tasks of catechesis as outlined in the National Directory of Catechesis. These six tasks ask us to begin our catechetical journey by introducing our students to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and leading them on this journey.​
  1. A knowledge of the faith
  2. A knowledge of the meaning of the liturgy and the sacraments
  3. Moral formation in Jesus Christ
  4. Teaching the Christian how to pray with Christ
  5. Preparing the Christian to live in community and to participate actively in the life and mission of the church
  6. Promoting a missionary spirit that prepares the faithful to be present as Christians in society

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