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 Formation in the Home

In October 2010, in his second Pastoral Letter, The Transmission of Faith in the Present Culture, Bishop Lawrence Brandt, addressed new initiatives under the auspices of the diocesan Office for Evangelization and Faith Formation,  "for those who hold catechetical roles in our parishes, Catholic schools and others settings where catechesis takes place," including the home.

A little over one year later in November 2011, Bishop Brandt then promulgated a letter regarding the curriculum for religious formation in the home. The curriculum addresses the content, expected outcomes, prayers to be learned, and annual classroom hours for all Catholic children and youth in the diocese. The curriculum guidelines took effect with the beginning of the school and parish faith formation programs in fall 2011. The curriculum became available diocesan-wide in summer 2011.

The full policy contains information regarding:
  1. Preamble
  2. Text and resources
  3. Curriculum
  4. Parish involvement
  5. Sacramental preparation
  6. Assessment
  7. Training and catechetical certification
  8. Notifications, decisions and appeals