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‚ÄčThe Catholic Foundation has grown from $4.7 million in assets in 1987 to its current value of approximately $100,000,000 as of June 30, 2020. These assets provide a permanent source of additional funding to advance the church's overall mission, including the diocesan Pastoral Center, parishes, Catholic schools, Catholic Charities, and Catholic cemeteries.

Endowment funds provide an essential source of financial stability for our diocese. The Foundation Board of Trustees, which is comprised of laity from the diocese, carefully oversees all investments and distributions.

For additional information, please contact Holly DiCesare, Director for The Catholic Foundation, at 724-552-2504.

Fund Description
Endowment Funds
expand Fund Name : Catholic Cemetery Perpetual Care Funds ‎(1)
expand Fund Name : Catholic Charities Funds ‎(1)
expand Fund Name : Catholic Education Funds ‎(1)
expand Fund Name : Catholic Schools Fund ‎(1)
expand Fund Name : Diocesan Pastoral Care Funds ‎(1)
expand Fund Name : Lay Ministry Education Grants and Program Funds ‎(1)
expand Fund Name : Ordained Ministry Funds ‎(1)
expand Fund Name : Parish Funds ‎(1)
expand Fund Name : Priests' Health and Retirement Funds ‎(1)