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 Diocesan Pilgrimage to The Holy Land

​October 1-11, 2018

Under the spiritual direction of Bishop Edward C. Malesic, and led by Father William J. Lechnar, Director of Pilgrimages, a group of faithful people from the Diocese of Greensburg will be making a spiritual and cultural pilgrimage of faith to The Holy Land October 1-11.

To allow everyone to share in this experience, you are invited to submit prayer intentions. Bishop Malesic and the diocesan pilgrims will carry these prayer intentions throughout their journey, remembering them at each of the altars and holy sites they visit. Prayer requests will remain confidential and will be transported within a prayer sachet.

We respectfully ask that prayer intentions be submitted no later than September 24, 2018.

​Choose one of three ways to submit your prayer intentions

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Submit your prayer intentions via email

Submit your prayer intentions via U.S. mail to:

Pilgrim Prayers
723 East Pittsburgh Street
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