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September 25 & 26

Every seed requires the essential elements for germination to occur. If not, the seed will never become what it was created to be. Having rich soil, proper lighting, sufficient water, and a dedicated gardener to tend to the seed are all essential elements that come at a cost. The sacrifice is made by many in both time and resources to provide for the growth of the seed. Why? Because of a desire to see the seed grow and blossom into what it is to be.

The seed of the vocation, planted in the heart of our seminarians, priests, and deacons, also requires necessary elements to be nurtured and developed. They need the same time and dedication from many people to blossom into the fruit that God desires. We are asking for your help to make necessary the elements essential to the formation of our seminarians and clergy. Here is a glimpse into some of those ways you can help financially to grow our future vocations and international priests.

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