Bishop Kulick's statement regarding the Higher Standards of the Diocese of Greensburg

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Bishop Kulick’s statement regarding the Higher Standards of the Diocese of Greensburg

Remarks from Bishop Larry Kulick after his appointment as Sixth Bishop of the Diocese of Greensburg:

I do not underestimate this privilege, nor do I take it lightly.  I promise Our Holy Father and each of you that I will do my very best to be the best shepherd I can.  To accomplish this I rely on God’s grace, your payers and support and the assistance of all the clergy, lay leadership and faithful of the Diocese.  I promise to listen, to consult, and to walk with you on this journey.  I also promise to keep an open mind and an open heart as we face the future together.

I do not come into this office unaware that we are facing many challenges, some old and some new as the Church of today.

I want to acknowledge the sad historical reality of clergy sexual abuse.  I am deeply saddened by these horrific acts, have come face to face with survivors, and have listened to their stories in my time in Diocesan Ministry.  The reality of each these survivors’ stories is heartbreaking.  I sincerely apologize to the survivors of these heinous actions.  I am committed to assisting survivors of abuse and doing all in my power to avoid any such situations in the future.

I will work tirelessly with all of our key collaborators and advisory bodies to continue to follow the Diocesan Policies put in place by my predecessors as well as monitor the best ways possible to bring reconciliation and healing to those effected by these actions.  I will work tirelessly to monitor and update as necessary our safe environment policies and regulations to continue to ensure that our parishes and schools and organizations are the safest places for our children, youth and vulnerable adults.