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 The Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of Greensburg


The Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of Greensburg serves as the philanthropic arm of the diocese, developing and implementing fundraising initiatives, including but not limited to the Diocesan Lenten Appeal, Seminarian and Clergy Formation Collection, endowments, planned giving, as well as offering development support to parishes and Catholic schools.

Annual Reports of The Catholic Foundation

 2017 Diocesan Lenten Appeal

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The Lenten season presents us with a unique opportunity to deepen our relationship with Christ and his church. This year, I ask that we all give special consideration to three practices that strengthen and help define our faith as Catholics, those being prayer, serving and almsgiving.

In terms of prayer, I suggest that we continue or renew our commitment to daily prayer. The rewards of prayer are enormous in terms of bringing greater spirituality and peace to our lives. There are so many ways in which we can serve one another, whether it be through orgainzed volunteer activities or extending simple, conscious kindnesses to family and neighbors. Serving creates a stronger, more thoughtful community. Finally, I ask that you consider giving to the Diocesan Lenten Appeal​. The Appeal ensures the future of our faith and that the Diocese of Greensburg can continue its mission of offering compassion to our neighbors and brining the good news of Jesus Christ to the members of our community.

Prayer, serving and giving are acts of faith that we perform because we are Catholic. It is my hope we all make them a signifigant part of our lives this Lent.

- Bishop Edward Malesic

 Planned Giving

Would you like future generations to experience a life full of faith in Christ's love? It is possible for you to pass on God's gift of faith that you experienced throughout your lifetime in your parish, school or Catholic Charities. When you include a gift as part of your overall financial and charitable estate, you can extend your support of the Church to make a lasting impact for others.
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 The Appeal

The season of Lent gives each of us opportunities to strengthen our relationship with the Lord. Consider the meaning that being Catholic has brought to your life and think about making a special commitment to living out your faith this Lent. Let us be especially intentional in how we know him and share him​.

We are extremely grateful for your past generosity and ask that you consider participating in this year's Diocesan Lenten Appeal. This is your opportunity to be part of our Catholic mission and further the future of our faith. Learn more

 The Bishop's Circle

The Bishop's Circle is a group of committed Catholic leaders who annually support the Bishop in carrying out the mission of the Diocese of Greensburg. Members are invited to gather with the Bishop from time to time for liturgical, spiritual and social opportunities.
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