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 Catechetical Curriculum

​The pre-kindergarten to twelfth-grade Catechetical Curriculum was a major initiative of the Catechetical​ Master Plan for the Diocese of Greensburg.  The new curriculum was announced in 2010 and has since governed the content of faith formation for students in Catholic schools, parish catechetical programs, and for those families who choose formally to teach the faith to their children in their homes.

The curriculum is comprehensive and universal because it addresses the content, expected outcomes, prayers to be learned, and annual classroom hours for all Catholic children and youth in the diocese. Additionally, the critical area of the Catholic approach to marriage, love, and sexuality will be addressed in the middle and high school years. The curriculum will be able to be used with any textbook series found to be in conformity with The Catechism of the Catholic Church by the U.S. Bishops or any catechetical model in use in the diocese such as Catechesis of the Good Shepherd or intergenerational catechesis.

For more information or questions surrounding the diocesan Catechetical Curriculum, please contact the Office of Faith, Family, and Discipleship at