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 Special Collection: Communications and Media

Prayerfully consider helping Bishop Malesic tell the story of the Catholic Church.

In the Diocese of Greensburg, Bishop Malesic made a major strategic decision in 2018. The Catholic Accent would no longer only be a newspaper. It would be a multi-media evangelization tool designed to renew an interest in the Gospel with the help of journalists who are also videographers, photographers, writers and producers. The Catholic Accent is now a newspaper *and* a quarterly magazine delivered to 41,000 homes in Western Pennsylvania, a digital news site called TheAccentOnline.org attracting 16,000 page views every quarter and The Accent On-Air, a quarterly television show reaching 50,000 viewers.

The Communications and Evangelization team at the Diocese of Greensburg is tasked with sharing the Good news about God's work being done in our parishes, taking the written word and crafting each story with new evangelization, exploring the sacraments of the Catholic Church, and sending multimedia journalists around the world to bring important stories home.

Supporting the communications special collection assists in funding projects like streaming Mass. Your contributions ensure that our parishes are also being guided to harness the power of electronic media themselves. In one week more than 100,000 people are viewing streaming Masses in the diocese of Greensburg. Some are Catholics who already visit our churches, but others have been away from the faith for a very long time. Still others may be those who have never seen the practice of our faith. and have since become interested.

The Diocese of Greensburg is committed to staying connected during this international pandemic with more resources than ever before, making our Church more accessible than ever before.

Half of your contribution also funds the Catholic Communication Campaign Project around the country and around the world.