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Visual and Performing Arts


The Diocese of Greensburg Art Curriculum builds off of knowledge and skills learned from previous years. Each year the students work on more challenging projects incorporating the Elements of Art (Color, Line, Shape, Form, Space, Texture, and Value). Students embrace the influences of the creative world around them. The Curriculum, based on the NCCAS Visual Standards, allows students to visualize concepts, express themselves through Art, internalize standards, and work toward establishing their artistic identity. Students utilize a variety of art media to create two- and three-dimensional artworks while building an appreciation for, and drawing inspiration from, many cultures and the catholic faith.


The Diocese of Greensburg Music Curriculum will provide opportunities for students to create and respond to music through movement, listening to instrumental experiences, and participation in school liturgies. 
The Elements of Music – Rhythm, Melody, Expression, Timbre, and Form are explored in each grade level, expanding upon the knowledge and skills obtained in the previous grade level.
Through the continued study of these Elements, students will increase their interdisciplinary knowledge of music as both an art and science with the unique capability of broadening their understanding of cultural diversity and the world around them